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there's something in the water. [28 Nov 2010|07:23pm]
give me something fun to do, like a life of loving you.

Moving up and on and away from this journal.
I've been writing actual words on actual paper lately, and it's been really really satisfying.

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oh hi. [06 May 2008|05:15pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

we have a sales agreement on this house.
we close on june 18, but i won't be convinced until it's actually over.

i'm so excited! woo!

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our newest baby. [28 Jan 2007|04:18pm]

Originally uploaded by forgetthehorizon.
so we got another dog,
and i got another speeding ticket. this time in Ohio!

but after 7 hrs of driving, one douchebag cop,
and a burger and fries,
it's totally worth it.

me and cora are totally in love.
even nolee likes her.
even amber likes her!
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everything was perfect, and perfect wasn't bad. [11 Oct 2006|12:33pm]

So far today, in addition to the garden-variety bottle of water, I've drank a cup of regular tea, a bottle of iced green tea, and now a cup of red tea.  It's like a kaleidoscope of tea here in my cube.
Sure, I've peed three times, but I gotta say, I feel great!
Could be because I'm so caffeinated that every time i stop typing, my fingers shake, but who's complaining?

Tonight is I Am the Avalanche, which is nice. I always enjoy seeing them, even though there's probably going to be bands there that I don't enjoy seeing, since i'm really about 93 years old on the inside and I don't like the screamy stuff so much.

It's a miracle that I even like IATA, but I think that's because, after meeting them, they just kind of remind me of folks that would cut my grandma's lawn, and then sit down and have a glass of lemonade or play a game of scrabble with her.  And I appreciate people who I imagine would be nice to my grandma.  

and I guess their music isn't so bad either. 

This friday, me and kate and amber are supposed to ride the Skycoaster at Kennywood, which I've never done before.  And before this year, I hadn't been to Fright Nights, either, so this is all very novel for me.  It's just kind of funny, because I'm used to associating Kennywood with humidity, sweating, and daylight. 
And according to weather.com, we're looking at a high of 43 and a low of 35 for Friday night.  I just don't imagine there's any feeling quite like plummeting through the air when it's pitch black and close to freezing.
Plus, I have so much love for Kennywood food, you don't even know.

The apartment search soldiers on.
One of my personal top choices won't answer the phone. 
And I know they have vacancies, because they keep running the same ad in the pennysaver every week.  I emailed them, but if they don't answer, I'm just going to go out there on friday and seek out the office.  
We've been calling and making appts, and looking at shitholes, and overall, it's not going so bad. I'm pretty glad that there's no urgency to us moving out, though, like us being abused, kicked out, or deported. whew.

i just got a txt from amber that said "robin called me coz she wants to make out."
and i mean, really, who doesn't?

ok. it's time to use my typing powers for good and not evil. 


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[28 Feb 2006|01:02am]

sweep me off my feet.
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